About Us

Old Hickory Clay Company ShedAt Old Hickory Clay Company, we provide the highest quality ball clays and kaolins as well as technical service to our customers.

Since 1918, we’ve operated continuously to provide quality clay products while maintaining our respect for the environment. Through four generations of family ownership we have supplied plastic clays that are naturally pure and technically superior for many applications.

From the time our clays are mined, to the time they’re ready for shipment in shredded, mechanically dried, air floated and slurry forms, Old Hickory Clay Company products undergo extensive quality control tests – some of the most demanding in the industry – to ensure maximum purity and consistency.

We produce kaolin clay & slurries Рcasting grade clays for the sanitary ware industry Рas well as additional custom slurries for other industries. For demanding applications requiring cleaner and low carbon bodies, critical firing temperatures and materials that meet environmental standards; you need the purest, cleanest ball clays and kaolins available. We are the source for custom blended clay products which meet exacting specifications. Our vast reserves at our Hickory, Kentucky, Gleason, Tennessee and McIntyre, Georgia locations are ready for shipment when you need them.

At Old Hickory Clay Company we still believe in our founder’s traditional values – personal service and superior quality. We retain a highly experienced management team and support staff, including Geology, Mining, Technical, Logistics and Customers Service. For clays that exceed performance expectations, are readily available, and are backed by people who care about your business and the environment, choose Old Hickory Clays.

We are proud to have been awarded for safety by the Industrial Minerals Association in: 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011, and 2013.