Car Model-Clay for AutomotiveToday’s cars with internal combustion engines use ceramic components made from clay. For example, spark plugs have a very hard and dense ceramic insulator (the white part of the spark plug) as part of their design. In addition, many of the high-temperature components used in the emission control systems are ceramic and made from clay. Examples are oxygen sensors and catalytic converter cores.

Even today’s car modeling is still done using clay. When carmakers have not used clay models due to more advanced and lower cost technologies like CAD, they found they were turning out lackluster vehicles due to a lack of human interaction with life-size models.  These clay models allow automotive manufacturers to create life-size clay models. This article in the Wall Street Journal explains the process of using clay for car manufacturing. A clay to digital, digital to clay approach is most common now.   Old Hickory can provide clay for the automotive industry that is specific to those needs.