Pavement Sealer

Pavement SealerIt may not be well known that clays are used for pavement sealer, however Old Hickory Clay Company has a long-standing and continuing relationship with the pavement seal coating industry. Whether using refined coal tar or asphalt-based emulsions, Old Hickory produces ball clay solutions to provide superior emulsification properties.

The proper selections of clay in relation to the manufacturing process can also influence the optimum color and durability of the sealer. Our most popular clay for this application is the Volunteer clay shipped from our Gleason, TN processing plant at our Hickory, KY operation. Each of these clays is available in air-floated (200 mesh powder) form packaged in 50lb paper bags, in bulk (shipped via truck or rail car), and super-sacks.  Special selections can be designed to meet desired needs and specifications.